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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Free to all homeowners and tenants with landlords permission, not subject to ECO 3 qualifying criteria.

GSHP we used boar holes to extract heat from the groun, this heat is then used to supply radiators, underfloor heating, warm air central heating systems, hot water, air source and domestic solar panels.

GSHP circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze around a loop of pipe work buried in the garden. Heat from the ground absorbed into the fluid and passed through a heat exchange and into the heat pump. Ground source stays at a constant temperature so can be used throughout the year. If outside space is limited a boar hole will be used instead.

Benefits of Groundsource: 
* Lower fuel Bills
* Low Carbon admissions
* No refuelling needed
* Minimum maintenance 
* Heats both water and heating

May need to be on constant during winter months
Free to householder, company who installs take the R H I (renewable heat incentive)
Option to purchase approx cost 15k 
Make your cost back in 7 years by receiving the RHI

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