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Internal & External Wall Insulation...

Internal Wall Insulation 
Suitable for homes with solid walls. Ideal for homes which are in a conservation area or a listed building both which cannot have alterations to the outside of the property.
Insulation applied on a room by room basis by creating a dry lined insulated wall. Any fixtures and fittings such as plugs or electric sockets will be returned to position ready for use. Radiators would need to be removed prior to work commencing.

Methods of installation - Building a new stud wall to which insulation is added would require creating an airtight layer this is vital. Improving the air tightness has more impact on heat loss tha;Insulation. To prevent damp penetrating a vapour control layer will need to be insulated. The internal surface of an insulated wall will be warmer reducing the likelihood of condensation forming.

Installation Process - Check construction of wall find Dew point, remove anything fixed to the wall, Prepare the wall remove any old plaster, build new stud wall, fix insulation board, seal joints, attach plasterboard and finally reinstate plugs, light switches or anything removed.
Typical cost of I W I is between £40-100 per square metre.
Giving a typical saving of £400-500 per annum.

External Wall Insulation 
Suitable for solid wall properties where the outside appearance of the property has no restrictions, however this measure would require planning consent.
Insulation boards are applied to the outside of the property and then rendered over the top.
Typical cost of this type of insulation would be in the region 3 bed semi detached house £5-9000 a larger property would be in excess of £8-15,000.

The benefits include: 
Reduce heat loss and drafts
No disruption while work is carried out
Improves weatherproofing and sound resistance 
Reduces condensation 

The above measure will be fully funded by ECO3 for qualifying households

Please click on the video below to find out more about internal & external insulation.

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