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Loft Insulation/Room in the Roof Insulation

Loft insulation covers 3 different types of installations: 
* Standard installation
* Room in Roof 
* Flat Roof

25% of all heat is lost through your roof costing householders on average approximately £125 per annum.

We can offer to insulate either a virgin loft with no insulation or top up where the amount is below 250 mm.

Room in roof insulate in same was as standard loft but in addition sloping ceilings and around Dorma windows are included with a layer of plasterboard applied over the top of the insulation.
Flat Roof Layer go rigid insulation board added on top of the roofs weatherboard layer or damp roof timber best done when roofing needs replacing.

All of the above can be fully funded under the ECO 3 Scheme for qualifying households Homeowners and Tenants alike.

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